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The Gathering of Angels meets twice a month now on the Zoom Platform and will  hear from 3 young companies seeking seed and early stage capital.

Each of the presenting companies has been vetted and prepared for their presentation by Tarby Bryant, CEO and Founder of the Gathering of Angels. Angels attend GOA complimentary and normally after some level of due diligence write individual checks to the presenting companies. GOA has facilitated 400+ capital fundings from 20k to 38.5MM

Each Month, GOA hosts two Zoom meetings and 3 young companies present from a variety of product and service industries. Gambling and sex-related websites are not welcomed at GOA, but all other business concepts are welcomed to present their ex-summary for review and consideration.

These presentations are critiqued, and changes made to assure the audience that their valuable time is not wasted by unprepared or scurrilous presenters.

If you are looking to invests in young entrepreneurial companies of the highest quality, the monthly Gathering of Angels is an excellent place to find maybe the next Microsoft or Apple. Many of our presenting companies have been acquired or done a merger with a bigger company. A few have done public offerings, and exits are normally 2-4 years in duration.

Registration on the GOA site as an Investor and completion of a personal investment profile is required, and we strive to keep networkers and service providers excluded from Gathering of Angels meetings. We hope you will join us at a Gathering of Angels meeting in the near future.

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