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The Gathering of Angels

If you are looking for capital for your start-up entrepreneurial business, The Gathering of Angels could be your place for funding as GOA meetings are held now monthly in Las Vegas, Nevada.  After you have exhausted your personal savings and tapped out family and good friends to boot strap your new venture, Angel Investors are your real credible opportunity to provide needed rocket fuel to launch and then grow your business.

At Gathering of Angels you will find mature and seasoned Angel Investors and Investment Bankers who listen to with high interest to your presentation pitch for capital, meet with you  and if interested will write a check to your new venture 1-30 days after your first presentation at GOA. We have facilitated 421+ capital fundings since October 1996 from 20k to 38.5MM. Recent GOA fundings in 2020 and 2021 were 25-50-75k and 200k and 400k

As a GOA Entrepreneur Presenter, you are coached and prepared for your 15 min presentation and receive a template for polishing your Executive Summary, tightening your financials, exit strategy and developing a defensible company valuation to insure adequate funding.

At GOA, you can expect to present to 20-25+ GOA Angel Investors, VCs and Investment Bankers. They normally hear from 3-4 young companies seeking capital per GOA meeting for 15 min each with PowerPoint Pitch and then 5-10 min for Q&A.

We become your focused advocate to fulfill your seed and early stage capital needs and requirements.

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Upcoming GOA Investor Meetings  

September 15, 2021 Las Vegas Gathering of Angels  5:00-7:30 PM PDT at Black Fire Innovation

October 13, 2021 Las Vegas Gathering of Angels 5:00-7:30 PM PDT at Black Fire Innovation

November 10, 2021 Las Vegas Gathering of Angels  5:00-7:30 PM PST at Black Fire Innovation

December 8, 2021 Las Vegas Gathering of Angels 5:00-7:30 PM PST at Black Fire Innovation

March 15 & 16, 2022  Las Vegas Equity Capital Symposium at Lawry's on Howard Hughes Parkway.. 2 Day Investment Event with 10-15 presenters and 100+ VCs, Investment Bankers and Accredited Angels.


Can't make the GOA meeting,  see recent PowerPoint Pitches at
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Since 1996, we have connected mature investors with amazing entrepreneurs facilitating over 421+ capital fundings ranging from $20k to $38.5M

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Gathering of Angels Replay

Gathering of Angels now meets monthly in Las Vegas. but what happens if the angel investor has a time or distance conflict.

Announcing Gathering of Angels Replay

Gathering of Angels Replay enables our investor community to view the presentations from recent Gathering of Angels event on their own schedule.  They also gain access to connect with our exciting startup opportunities.  Its exclusively our accredited angel investors and it FREE.  Already a member, login now!

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What Is the Value Of Your Business?

Inquiring Angel Investors want to know. In fact, they want to trust that your valuation is reasonable and trustworthy before they take the risk to invest in you and your company


What's In It For An Angel Investor?

You're looking for Seed Capital for your business. Learn what the Angel Investor is looking for from you and your company.


Looking for Angel Investors?

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The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Raising Capital From Angel Investors

This little primer will provide guidance on tapping into the wallets of Angel Investors and getting them engaged in your new venture. Uniquely, Angel Investors can provide not only needed seed capital but often expertise, guidance, and referral contacts that they have aggregated from years in the business world.

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"Savannah based Lightning detection company raises 22k from SAV Angela CEO Dennis P"

Storm Shelter Technologies

"Seattle based video game developer & CEO Mike Williams gets 280k from Atlanta Angel"

Reality Gap

"Winnipeg Canada venture that converts printed catalogs to web catalogs using HTML. Santa Fe Angel invests and joins Board of Advisors."

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"Atlanta based drug discovery company raises 75k from Atlanta Angels."

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"Atlanta based company gets $100,000 from 3 Atlanta Angels."


"Dynamics from Dallas TX raises 25k from Atlanta Angel"


"Ultrasound Imaging company from Phoenix gets $100,000 investment from Santa Fe Angel."


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