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Recent Success Stories

Knightscope-`Crime fighting Autonomous Security Robots --Mountain View CA-Bill Santana Li-650-669-9020

Boxabl-Las Vegas Company in factory built housing raised $375,000 from 4 GOA Angels Galiano Tiramani-702-500-9000

InBanx- Austin Based FinTech company for B2B payments solutions raises $25,000 from Las Vegas Angel, CEO Rob Kaczmarek-512-949-7795

Muuvement-Hamilton Bermuda based social impact software company get $25,000 from Atlanta Angels, April 2021 Kim Carter CEO

Sanity Desk-Austin based Small business platform raises $50,000 from 2 GOA Angels at January 27 GOA

Altitude Acquisition SPAC-Atlanta based special purpose acquisition IPO raised $400,000 from Atlanta Angel and his family office.

Auto Think--San Antonio based Loaner Car delivery venture raises $200,000 from Austin Angel Investor, Sloan Foster, CEO 210-845-4141

Four Burner Restaurant Services-Austin Based food delivery platform to compete with Door Dash and GrubHub....Raised 100k from Texas Angels  Randy Murphy, CEO 512-795-1793

Movada Media – Winnipeg Canada venture that converts printed catalogues to web catalogues using HTML. Santa Fe Angel invests and joins Movada Board of Advisors. President Ron Saltel-204-284-9000.

Zirus Inc. – Atlanta based drug discovery company raises 75k from Atlanta Angels, 

Storm Shelter Technologies – Savannah based Lightning detection company raises 22k from SAV Angela CEO Dennis Page-912-965-0435.

Cryo – Dynamics from Dallas TX raises 25k from Atlanta Angel-CEO Doug Harsey-817-854-0406.

Reality Gap – Seattle based video game developer & CEO Mike Williams gets 280k from Atlanta Angel-949-836-2294.

Reality Gap – CA based video game developer gets more capital from Atlanta Angels.

Zirus – Buford GA drug discovery company gets more capital from Atlanta Angel.

KidzToys – Atlanta based company gets $100,000 from 3 Atlanta Angels.

WebSafety – CA based software company gets $35,000 from Atlanta Angel.

MSK – Ultrasound Imaging company from Phoenix gets $100,000 investment from Santa Fe Angel.

Best View – Tom Van Ham CEO-678-999-4050

Iverson Diagnostics – Dean Sproles CEO-425-318-1332

People Helping People – Hawkinsville GA-Ashley Rogers, CEO-478-893-1503

Twitch Technologies – Savannah GA, Dennis Page, CEO-912-660-8029

My Stay – Brooks Pickering, CEO

OneCare – Gary Austin, CEO-404-405-7665

SpectroPath – Dr Roger Gaskins, CEO-404-312-5135

Southern States Regional Center – Symphony Project -Bruce Nicely – CEO-888-643-8289

TBC Energy – Tulsa OK, Jim Somers, CEO-661-877-7571

The Ivory Company – Shelley Nandkeolyar, CEO-503-901-8977

Four Burner Restaurant Services--Randy Murphy, CEO 512-795-1793

Auto Think--Sloan Foster --210-845-4141

Skintelligent--Eleanor Jones-404-218-9340  for 120k in funding for Atlanta based skin care company.

Source to Bottle--Atlanta based beverage incubator raised $131,000 from ATL Angels in March 2022.

Recent Testimonials

"Please accept my sincere gratitude for granting us this opportunity today. Even if it may result in nothing, it has contributed to my personal development, and it has been a very appreciated opportunity to get us out there as a starting point to address an audience outside of our friends and family. I consider myself very lucky having met the two of you. Thank you for being as you are. What you do, is very often the only way for non-privileged entrepreneurs to truly start their journey. I feel very confident that we will be able to grow this into the new “Panera of Pizza” with your guidance and support. Thank you again for everything, especially for cheering me up during my first short-notice pitch to a completely unknown audience." Andreas Moser, L'Artista Pizza

" The Gathering of Angels is a very safe and secure Investment Platform. My Investment Team and I have made great investments and we are eager to explore new investment opportunities on a monthly basis with GOA. Tarby is one of the best and we are excited to engage in many new ventures with him"  YoLanda Bethea, Atlanta Angel Investor

 The Gathering of Angels was, by far, the most professional fundraising experience I've ever experienced. Tarby's knowledge and guidance through the process was sophisticated and thoughtful. I would highly recommend GOA to anyone trying to raise capital from serious investors in an most timely fashion"  Christa West, CEO of LivingTree Botanicals Atlanta GA 404-667-2047

" The Gathering of Angels was most enjoyable and I hope to close on the interest expressed after the event. I especially appreciated the coaching during the practice sessions. That is something that other Angel groups fail to do  and it can be incredibly valuable and is much appreciated." Shawn Smith, CEO of 1 True Health Atlanta GA 770-335-0093

"The Gathering of Angels is a most impressive event for entrepreneurs like us  and we were most impressed with great coaching, good focus and a new handful of new investors in Regenerative Medicine. Tarby is a great coach and mentor to our company and he personally took time to read, critique and prepare us for GOA event. The practice sessions with GOA Coaches before GOA event were invaluable  and his focus on Investor Hot Buttons was most helpful. We found many new investors in our company and I can't say enough good things about the GOA experience"....John Laub, CEO of Regenerative Medicine, Las Vegas NV.. 702-800-0030

"The Gathering of Angels experience has been unparalled in my search for funding. The communication and organization are top-notch and very effective in moving the proverbial needle. Tarby's advice helped fine-tune my slide show to better present my offering and the GOA coaches were able to give me an invaluable perspective from an Angel Investor's point of view. Packaged with contacts I would not have otherwise had, the participant feedback and ongoing support GOA provides, this service has been worth the effort of getting me closer to my goals as an entrepreneur." Anthony Short, CEO and Producer of 3-Miga Films, Atlanta GA 704-649-6382

"I wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you Tarby and your Team of seasoned coaches for the time in preparation and the GOA event in June 2020 on Zoom. We closed on The Pines at Woodcreek  Apartments in Houston and we are happy to come again to Gathering of Angels for future opportunities in the multifamily space. Best Regards"  Craig Berger, CPA  Avid Realty Partners 314-495-6665 

"Participating in the Gathering of Angels process gave us the feedback we needed to tighten our presentation and ultimately close significant funding from a GOA Angel. This funding has given us the shot in the arm to get to the next level. We are now on a rocket shipthanks to this investment from Gathering of Angels ." Sloan Foster, CEO of AutoThink-210-845-4141

"My overall experience with GOA was very positive. Tarby and his GOA coaches are very professional about helping us prepare and practice our 15 min pitch, as well as putting us in front of 30-40 real Angel Investors. I now have about a dozen of these GOA Investors that are active prospects having expressed interest in my venture. These people could potentially blossom into long-term ongoing relationships as well. The ball is now in my court to convert these prospects into actual investors. All in, Gathering of Angels offers a good bang for the buck, Thank you Tarby"  June 10 GOA Presenter Craig Berger, AVID Realty Partners 314-495-6665

"Tarby Bryant's advice was crucial to our success in seeking funding for our Christian movie Tested. His expertise guided us in honing our Pitch deck to perfection. We highly recommend his services and Gathering of Angels to any company looking to take their venture and team to the next level. He is truly a master of his craft"  Chad Watson, Christian Movie Writer and Producer, Austin TX  318-344-5767  May 2020

"I got the chance to research about Tarby Bryant and the Gathering of Angels community. I was immediately impressed by the preparation and length Tarby will go through just to empower Founders and their organizations. Tarby and the GOA community have made it a very seamless experience for you to seek funding, It's almost too good to be true, but it is True. Tarby provided coaches who help stir you in the right direction for pitching your ideas to investors! We are happy and grateful we got a chance to do this with Gathering of Angels. " Joshua Afolabi, Founder and CEO of Juggo, Atlanta GA 401-648-5143 May 2020

 The presentation process through the Gathering of Angels provides an opportunity for startup companies to benefit in more ways than just funding.

The creation of the Executive Summary and PowerPoint presentation through Tarby’s valuable mentoring offers investors a chance to see the project needs before detailed discussions occur.

I am grateful to Tarby for introducing us to the Angel Investors, and affording us the opportunity to present our project to funding sources we would not have had otherwise.”

John Norton, CEO, Caribbean Sunset Ventures

“Thank your for taking an interest in Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream. We have “cold gold” in our alcohol Ice Cream and we are happy you believe in our potential” Lori and Frank “Daddy O” O’Brien

“ Great Venue and appreciate what you do for Atlanta Entrepreneurs” Davis Framer, Moove Guru

“Why is the US the epicenter for innovation world wide and why do innovators around the world choose to found their start-ups in the USA?……The answer to both questions is people like Tarby and entities like Gathering of Angels….Keep up the good work GOA” Walter Dean, Netify Venture Capital

“Congratulations on 22 years of GOA” Colin Brady, OBE

“Thank you for the excellent job you do at Gathering of Angels and congratulations on 22 years of service” Joe McNamara

“ Tarby, you have an outstanding program and following to create capital for small business” Wes Pennington, CPA

“Tarby, you manage, inspire and actualize better than most people I know that do what you do” Barry Flink, Angel Investor

“ Always organized process and more times than not, something of investable interest” Michael Crandal, CNG

“ Tarby, you guys are the Best! Congratulation on 22 years of making a difference in people’s lives. We are Warren Averett are gald to be a part of your efforts going forward” Jack Parsons, CPA

Dr. Tony McClain, CEO, McClainTech Enterprise. “GOA is an amazing organization! I highly recommend Tarby and his team to anyone seeking investors for their business venture. The forum is highly structured and organized. Tarby is a incredible mentor as presenters prepare for the GOA presentation, and he is a great facilitator during the GOA event!

The post-presentation investor feedback is priceless! The investors are personable, and they provide a clear and honest assessment of both the presentation and the business venture. Viewing one’s unique business proposition through the lens of investors provides invaluable information and insight that is not easily obtained through alternative channels. Arguably, the investor feedback is just as important as the funding!

Following the GOA presentation, I am fortunate to have created investor interest in McClainTech products. I am grateful for the opportunity to present McClainTech Enterprise at the Gathering of Angels! Thank you GOA!”

Adnan Merchant, Intellibidder Corp. “Thank you very much for having us for the GOA. We truly appreciated the event and your efforts in putting it together. We were particularly impressed with the format of your event – the feedback was the most significant takeaway for us and was something we value greatly. In short, we think you guys put on a great event and we were happy to be a part of it.”

Jeffrey Beal, Destination Development Partners

Bob Sherwin, CEO, Bionic Soil Solutions USA “I had the opportunity to introduce our Company-Bionic Soil Solutions at both the Atlanta and Santa Fe Gathering of Angels during the last 5 weeks.  As a result, I have a number of people that have expressed a strong interest in our Company that we are currently following up with.  We have one party in particular that we are working diligently with, that has a very strong interest in investing the full $3MM request within the next 60 days.

Tarby does a great job of working with the presenters in advance to help prepare them for the presentation.  In addition, he does a great job of facilitating the events and making sure that each presenter receives feedback from the potential investors.  He has assembled a strong network of potential investors over his 19 years in this business and has written a book that is a very helpful resource for those seeking capital to fund their visions.” – Bob Sherwin, CEO Bionic Soil Solutions USA.

Michael Nilan, CEO of TreeFree Paper Co. “Tarby – Thanks so much for inviting me and my company, TreeZero Paper, to participate in your GOA event on Wednesday. We received several interested investor inquiries and we will be meeting with each of them next week. Your event was effective and your staff was very professional.” – Michael Nilan, CEO, 404-949-3251

Cedric Peete, Cre8tive Ent. “The Gathering of Angels event was incredible! Not only did a meet a great investor to fund my company, Tarby’s advice and help guided us through this process. All the investors I spoke with after the event offered something, if not money, they gave their time, advice, and or feed back. This was a win for us. Tarby, you are truly an Angel! Thank you so much.” – Cedric Peete, Cre8tive Ent.

Cris Arnou, CEO of BioHealthonomics “Great venue and very well organized meeting” – Cris Arnou, CEO of BioHealthonomics-310-633-0362

Jamie Rosenthal, CEO of Wolfscratch Farms “Having the opportunity to pitch your ideas to a serious group of angel investors is priceless. The Atlanta GOA was a great, and very welcoming, group of angel investors. The staff was organized and a big help in preparing for the presentation, which make a world of difference for newbies like me in this arena. The angel investors that attended the event are all very friendly and amazingly helpful, both before and after your presentation. Even the investors that are not interested in investing stopped to talk, and gave invaluable advice to move my venture forward.

I learned so much about my business and the process of investing by presenting at the Atlanta GOA, and feel that it will definitely lead to success for my new venture. I made some truly amazing contacts and would highly recommend any entrepreneur to take this exciting opportunity!” – Jamie Rosenthal, Wolfscratch Farms Jasper, GA 770-617-8403

Chris Ingram, Ingram Capital Group, Inc. “It gives me pleasure to say that the GOA is an amazing organization with a following of good savvy investors who appreciate the passion of entrepreneurs. We were delighted to receive several offers and form a formidable relationship with one of the largest angel investors in Atlanta. This would not have happened without the GOA and Tarby’s commitment. “An awesome experience”…Chris Ingram, CEO Ingram Capital Group, Inc. Atlanta, GA 404-840-5697”

Keenan Conigland, ICON Medical Partners “The benefits of my association with the Gathering of Angels are layered and many. First, there is the distinct prospect of funding for my fledgling enterprise. Second, several parties at the GOA meeting gave me very good legal and financial advice about how to structure and operate my medical supplies business. Third, I’ve established new friendships—all in less than a month.

With GOA, I have found an organization and a leader in Tarby Bryant that I can follow, leadership that will help direct me toward the realization of a successful business. It’s not just an effort to make money, it’s a genuine push to help change lives. That’s what Tarby is doing, helping to fulfill dreams through his hard work by providing a multi-faceted support system in support of a common goal. On the surface and to a large degree, it is about business: but underneath, at least to me, it’s about lending a helping hand to fellow humanity.”

John Friess ” We heard about the Atlanta Gathering of Angels through one of our existing investors, who also happens to be on our Board of Advisors, as he said he had heard really good things.  So, we reached out to the AGOA and had a great couple of conversations with Tarby Bryant before being accepted to present.  One we were in Atlanta we understood why they had such a reputation.

The gathering was at an amazing location, overlooking the city, and the members of the group could not have been more engaged and interested in the presentations.  We had ample time to both fully present the journey gym opportunity and a to answer the questions members had after the event.  We ended up with 25 interested individuals based on the evaluation sheets provided post presentation.

We ended up staying in Atlanta for a full two days after the presentation, per Tarby’s suggestions, to run one on one meetings and conference calls with the members who had been there for the gathering.  This expedited due diligence process proved to be highly valuable as we received  a number of meeting requests and focused on nothing but follow up for 48 hours after the event.

In the end, we expect to bring on 4 to 6 new investors through the process and to have very successful results from our time with the Atlanta Gathering of Angels.  We now plan on sending more Oregon and Washington companies out to Atlanta to participate in future events.  It’s a hidden angel investing gem in the Southeast.” John Friess, Co-Founder & CEO of Journey Gym

M. Yvette Bond “Having the opportunity to speak in front of the Gathering of Angels was a true blessing. I can’t thank you enough Tarby for doing what you do. I am very impressed with the Angels’ feedback and their immediate interests in investing and licensing. Their input was appreciated and helpful. This is definitely a route I would recommend to others. I say go for it!”

Vicki Sturiale “I believe the GOA was a fantastic opportunity for us. We were able to “get in the game” and were forced to come up with a professional PowerPoint presentation for your Angels. We knew we needed to do it but you lit the fire! We are staying focused and continue to follow up with leads from recent GOA event. We look forward to attending future GOA events.”

Dean Smyros “Your well thought-out and managed GOA event truly maximizes opportunities for raising capital. Its made it possible for us to receive that same evening significant investment interest in SPITFIRE, and were still following up with more Atlanta Angel prospects. Both professionally and personally, its an absolute pleasure to work with you and Dean, and I look forward to our continued relationship.”

William G. Nordmark, III “It was fortuitous for Clearwave to be able to work with you and The Gathering of Angels!! Clearwave initially raised a substantial amount of capital from many small investors!! These investors have been the backbone of our company!!!

The Gathering of Angels brought Clearwave a new source of funding, many of whom were large investors!!! The Gathering of Angels was an efficient way to reach a number of investors in one meeting!!! Tarby Bryant’s advice and counsel helped Clearwave raise substantial monies!!!!

Tarby Bryant was great about working with our leaders in being cost effective in our fundraising!! He was flexible in working with us and was a real advocate for Clearwave!!!!

The Gathering of Angels and Tarby Bryant have played a huge role in the success of Clearwave!!!!!

Kind regards”